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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  February 16, 2013 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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run for cover in four years, you could have some major competition. hi, i'm neil cavuto. glad to be back. thanks to charles payne for his hard work. more on how i'm going to deal with him in a second. first, who is this guy? what i said an infomercial star. i heard this. >> nothing i'm proposing tonight should increase our deficit by a single dime. >> jane: instantly thought of this. >> through all the work it does, this machine should sell over $400.
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you are not going to pay $400 or 375, all you spend for 24 fabulous machine over $400 value. all you spend is four easy monthly payments of 39.95. >> neil: we fined a better deal. the president's deal won't cost you four installments, it won't add a dime. $98 billion preschool plan, not the $40 billion fix it infrastructure plan -- don't ask -- or the paltry $8 billion career fund for community colleges. three new programs it sounds like they cost $146 billion, not a dime added to our deficit and he is pitching more than that. one problem with the pitch. here is the thing. someone has to pay for it. guess who? to gerri willis. to charlie and to my good buddy,
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charms payne who did such a good job for filling in for me when i was out. charms, what do you make for this? >> with infomercial, i will take two machines and money back guarantee. >> neil: unfortunately your mic is working. >> outside of the aspect of this was dangerous state of the union speech and overall tone and they got it and it will get it for you. it won't cost the government anything. i know where to get that money. i'll get it from the people who got it from main street. you know how they got it. i'll get it for them. it won't cost you a dime. >> neil: there are a lot of things to worry about in the double down of spending hundreds of billions of dollars that was proposed in the state of union address. and you are going to get it for free but obviously meaning that someone is going to see something and pay something?
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>> you bet. no doubt about it. i have to tell i think it's immoral to make promises when you know at the end of the day, you can't afford it to say preschool for everybody, are you kidding me? also promises mortgage, $3,000 for everybody. this is crazy talk. i think it's immoral to put this across as something that is do-able. >> neil: what about all the new spending, i expected the double down on this but to dismiss the fact that the debt was an issue. earlier in the day, they released a statement we're close to $4 trillion in budget savings over the next ten years and they are not close to the $4 trillion and the way they are getting there, but implied with that, we're done with this whole debt thing? >> there is a fantasy aspect to the obama's presidency and
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healthcare is going to pay for itself? yeah, right. we don't care where it goes it will be good for the economy. guess what, you fund solyndra instead of shovel ready projects. i will say this: the president is at his worst when he is most liberal. when the republicans actually won the house and picked up seats in the senate it's when he pushing for his big government agenda. when he backed off of that, that is when barack obama seems more reasonable. i think he is going to shoot himself in the foot with this stuff. >> neil: this is part of a much bigger problem that is coming across from prominent democrats not only avoiding the spending problem but dismissing it as problem at all. >> it is almost a false argument to say that we have a spending problem. >> i want to disagree with those that say we have a spending
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problem. when they talked about that, it's like there is an assumption somehow we as a nation is broke. >> neil: what do you think of that? >> i just could sense in my bones we were coming to nancy pelosi first on this subject. >> neil: i could have picked half a dozen prominent democrats. i chose her because of the eyes. [ laughter ] >> neil: you have to admit that is bizarre? >> i don't think so. here is what they are saying. they are saying this is not a spending problem, it's a political problem. >> neil: a trillion dollars more coming this is not a political problem. it's a problem, period. >> you have to have it coming in. it's funny how we hear what we want to hear. the president spoke in that fantasy speech about cutting spending and raising revenues. let me finish.
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what do we want? what do we want as a country are we interested in spending on. that is what the democrats are saying. >> neil: here is what we have to do. we have a spending problem. i'm not saying this from the left or right. we have more money going out. a trillion each year than is coming in. i don't know how to address that immediately but it looks like a aa meeting. someone needs to stand up and say i'm a spend ahol zblik there are no choices being made here -- spend ahol zblik that state of the iran that was a shopping list and if i could afford anything i want. >> adam i have to admit i couldn't get through the entire speech because i had acid reflux
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i know you liked it. what is the spending program he wants to cut. >> the military. we're going to be able to save money on military spending. we should be glad and hopeful because as the president said, we're not fighting two wars simultaneously anymore. >> there is no more terrorism. we press a button. >> neil: i guess what i'm getting at, your mic is back on. the notion it's not even serious to mention. when anybody addresses to sort of say, we're done with this whole debt things because we have $4 trillion package. when we say we're cutting but in fact over the next ten years, now we're going to have $5 trillion, it's like an alternate universe? >> the president is cloaking his
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agenda with economic theories to try to push it through. i don't think the president cares about deficits. he has an agenda that is not an economic agenda. it's an agenda about social justice and rewriting the wrongs of yesteryear. it's redistribution of wealth but redistribution of accountability. not the people that pull triggers. all we heard all day long, everybody in this country who somehow victims were honest hard working people and organizations that had zero to do with the circumstances. >> could i help with that. >> neil: adam, go ahead. >> i disagree with the way you said it, charles, but there is a lot of truth what you say. the president social justice is part of his agenda, if you want to put it that way. this is a good conversation. you are right. >> it's a or wellian theme here. we don't spend money.
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we don't tax enough. the obama presidency and embedded by the media, it makes up its own terms. it describes spending that we don't tax enough. it is a bizarre way of looking at the world. you have a media that is complicit with the sales job. >> neil: smartest journalist i know. i want to be clear a person that can crunch numbers that went through apple spreadsheets, you don't think that we have a spending problem in this country? >> i think we do have a spending problem. i think the president directed as much as he addressed it. >> neil: that would be like me saying on pluto i'm smoke and right now on earth i'm not. i think we have to realize, you this journalist which is best
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with the numbers i know can look at the numbers and say things are okay. >> the state of the union speech are high level laundry lists and he literally said we need to do both. >> to be done with it. we should stop the state of the union speeches. >> hold them accountable. where is the "new york times" on this? add it up. >> neil: you want to know why lawmakers will never get spending under control in there? it might have something to do with these guys and what they are chanting out there. why a new king of air could give travelers a royal headache. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 seems like etfs are everywhere these days.
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>>. live from america's news headquarters, a massive cleanup operation following that devastating meteor strike in russia. crews and volunteers racing to replace thousands of broken windows and distribute would remember warm clothes. at least 200 were injured. shock wave to be as strong as 20 hiroshima bombs. the cost of damage so far around $33 million. >> and the army's top general announcing a possible extension into deployment to afghanistan. army chief of staff says looming defense cuts could limit training replacement brigades. he says the military will be able to fund training and operations through the summer and fall, but there will be delays in training for those deploying into 2014. i'm arthel nevil. get you back now to cavuto on
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business. >> neil: fasten your seat belts. world's biggest airline is ready for takeoff. american airlines making a $11 billion deal, a headache for you that is going to make four airlines, american, united and delta and southwest that accounts for 90% of all domestic flights. fewer carriers and fewer planes but the same but not more passengers. are you catching the drifted here? >> it's not a good drift. two ceos says nothing is going wrong, places will be low. prices are going to go up. we saw prices go up after the delta merger as much as 20% and over the past 12 years, prices have gone up 27% but that doesn't include baggage fees and
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extra leg room fee. they are only going to go higher. >> i cringe when i heard the news. it's already a poor experience. jet blue, i'm looking what about a laker star? i know survival in the business is terrible but as a flyer i cringe when i heard this county. >> they have to do this. >> they don't. what are you crazy? why are they doing it then? >> neil: gerri's point it's going to lead to higher prices? >> what is the solution? we know that prices are going up. this is lousy industry. if the barriers to entry are too high, that is what we to have address. we are talking about pricing, that is nice we know we're going to get screwed. this is an industry that is doing this stuff for a reason because of pricing and costs. listen, i know banking. i'm not an expert at this.
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but there is a carrier for smaller banks. bigger survives because of dodd-frank and all that. there are barriers to be an investment about banker it's hard to have diversification. and is there a barrier in the airline industry? >> neil: i don't think airline prices or ticket prices are that high. i know to gerri's point to the fees they can't give you a ticket price and leave it at that. it is cheap to fly in the scheme of things. i just suspect that reality will come home and it won't be a cheap? >> over the past 30 years, airline prices came down dramatically. it got really inexpensive to fly. airlines didn't make any money.
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prices will go up. i think that smaller airlines will start up where routes aren't served well. they will succeed and some will fail. this has a cycle to it. >> you are going to see a lot of rural routes disappear. that is my prediction. >> neil: if you think about it, southwest started the idea to feed an area of the country and others that weren't served by the big guys. you don't see that happening again? >> i think you have so much consolidation that those rural routes aren't profitable. >> the president has another program on his hands right here. the rural airline. you know it is coming. >> neil: you are incorrigible. >> you know that. >> and just one more state of the union.
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>> neil: all that plastic foam and shove it? new york city mayor saying that plastic foam has to go, but is the nan
4:22 pm
>>. >> neil: first it was size of
4:23 pm
drinks and now it is foam. mayor bloomberg pushing a ban on the popular foam on ordering something to go. charles says the ban has to go. >> you are going to get something with gravy on it? i don't think, mayor bloomberg understands regular people. all these little small stores in the bronx and inventory can break their backs. it's too imperial to me. >> neil: what do you make of it? >> in 20 years i covered the story when mcdonald's got rid of the polly to say reason, but they and their customers have survived and -- polistirene. >> there is a money angle in the house they ban styrofoam.
4:24 pm
the costs went through the roof. these people can't afford it. these little bode gagh on 47th can't afford to make the change, it's ridiculous. >> i supported the soft drink because we have socialized medicine in new york. if you are going to have socialized medicine you do get to control what people put in their body. he gets caught up in these nanny state issues. for example, it's his way or the highway. we're going to have new york city marathon. we're going to have runners run through staten island, he goes way too far. i actually like the mayor, brilliant guy. >> you know in new york city they will allow you carry marijuana but you can't have a 16-ounce pepsi. [ laughter ] >> what world are we living in.
4:25 pm
>> neil: you can't put the marijuana in styrofoam whether you are pro or con on this issue isn't there bigger issues? >> new york city. listen to charlie's point. mayor has done a great job. we have a problems that rank a little higher than styrofoam. what about them? just a little bit higher. i guess if you are going out this is where he takes a victory lap. >> neil: i want to thank charlie and gerri. a lot more coming up, the markets in 2013. and charles payne, she knocking out of the park. his best bet for the new year. trinity industries is up 18%. now, he has three new picks for the rest of the year. curious why ben stein is not here. we report.
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>>. >> neil: what the chuck? charles payne is starting the year strong and three stocks to keep it rolling. what are you going to do? >> byod, bring your own device, every business got iphones and bring it and we'll have a system we can use it within our fire walls. this company makes it possible. green mont coffee they are still taking market share. starbucks didn't do so well. i like this major breakout. finally first sol on are a how i learned to love the bomb. i hate the way the government is doing this. they are going to pile so much money, this stock takes off big time. >> neil: what do you think of all of the above? >> i don't like going against charles when it comes to stock picking any time, but the one i love the most is first solar. i think solar


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